PINDÓ Yerba Mate

Our premises comprise a fully-equipped laboratory for finished product analysis, which allows for suitable production control.

The product is stored at our own warehouse holding up to 3 thousand tons of desiccated yerba mate which protects product quality right until its final delivery.

Our drying belt facilities can offer a maximum capacity of 5 thousand tons of desiccated yerba mate a year.

The establishment can dry 5 thousand kilos of green leaves per hour, receiving up to 120 tons of green leaves on a daily basis.

Green leaves are dried by burners fueled 100% with forest biomass.

Genetic Improvement

Back in 1998, through an agreement executed between INTA and the University of Bonn (Germany), we started a genetic improvement program based on mass yerba mate plantation selection, to improve quality and enhance yerba mate plant productivity.

Today we have a network of regional trials which make PINDÓ be able to produce high-genetic value yerba mate seeds.

Yerba Mate Plantations

In order to get the most out of plots of lands for plantations, PINDÓ owns around 500 hectares of medium- and high-density yerba mate plantations, the latter with 3870 plants por hectare.

New high-density plantations, including our own selected plants from nursery, and a responsible annual management of maintenance and crops, result in average yields of 15 ton/h/year, hitting peaks of up to 20 ton/h/year.

Such results imply continuous training and effort by all the people working in the fields on a daily basis.

IRAM - BPM secadero Yerba Mate año 2014


Guarantees a production of 20 Tn/ha/year



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