About Us

Established in 1976, we are a family company run by descendants of Swiss immigrants, engaged in Agricultural, Forestry and Industrial businesses with over 40 years of experience.

True to our roots, PINDÓ combines both tradition and innovation, since we have been introducing new business lines on an ongoing basis, throughout our market history, always keeping the highest quality standards.

Our activities began with Reforesting Pine Trees, Native Plants and Yerba Mate; we then moved onto industrializing Desiccated Yerba Mate when we opened our drier Ca´a Poty. Afterwards, the Nursery PINDÓ was created in order to create our own seedlings and improve the genetics of the material to be planted. Then, Timber industrialization arrived until reaching production of assets for the domestic and export markets.

From the start, commitment to sustainability is an essential cornerstone of PINDO philosophy. In 2016, continuing with our development policy, the power plant PINDÓ ECO-ENERGÍA was started, which meets our industry renewable energy demands, and allows us to produce all of our sawmill products using 100% clean energy from forest biomass.

Such a long-standing commitment to our values is still strong today as it was when we started, thanks to a professional, trained and devoted work team who daily manages natural resources with future generations in mind.

Fundación PINDO año 1976
Pindo 2018

We generate and add value to Misiones land products.

For 40 years, PINDÓ has been manufacturing products taking care of the environment.


To generate and add value to land products while preserving the environment.

Become yerba mate and wooden product market referents, as a family business renown by their professionalism, reliability, and quality of their goods and services.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Sustainable growth
  • Environment commitment
  • Profitability

Our History

adhesión a protocolo Kyoto Aprobación del proyecto PINDO ECO ENERGÍA
Fundación PINDO año 1976